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Hardening by Cold Rolling

The strips hardened for the cold rolling are machined with different modes of process in function of as many uses.
A process that can produce material with a precise level of work hardening and mechanical properties related with tight tolerances and controlled.
In addition to hardness, it is possible to specify and control also the tensile strength, the elastic limit and elongation.
It’s possible to give mechanical properties which improve the level of quality controls typical of the sector.
With the cold rolling, through a process of hardening, the surface will be opaque, grayish, and sometimes will have the particularity of expressing a phenomenon of surface magnetism.
The stainless steel presents various degrees of hardness;  It does not have the glossy finish (BA) as the lamination creates a sort of opacification.
The remarkable competence of the technicians who follow this particular process ensures both the choice of materials that cycles the most suitable for the production of a stainless steel belt able to satisfy all the requirements for different productions ex: springs, precision metal parts;  design details, components for industrial installations, work tools or hose clamps.

Commercially conditions are adopted:

1/4 hard corresponding to RM 800 to 1000
1/2 hard corresponding to RM 1,000 ÷ 1,150
3/4 hard corresponding to RM 1150 ÷ ​​1300
4/4 hard corresponding to RM 1300 ÷ 1600

Technical table for hard drawn strips


AUSTENITIC: 301 304 316
Thickness: da mm 0,10 a mm 2,5


Table tolerances

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