Trade in stainless steel

Global Steel was founded in the trade of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, and makes use of the best equipped service centers for pre-processing stainless steel.

The high professionalism and seriousness of the staff allows the company to offer a flexible and efficient providing the best solutions to the problems and needs of customers, leveraging the ‘industry experience and rigorous training and constantly updated, marked by deep product knowledge stainless steel.

Global Steel is a supplier qualified for plates, strips and narrow strips or commercial wide, plus the ability to provide strips hard  according to the different needs and characteristics, and precision strips  with a minimum thickness 0.05 mm.

The target sectors are many and varied with each other: a few examples of sheet molding shearing industries with cold, small metal parts in the mechanical, textile, construction and oil and appliance.  Manufacturers of filters, pumps, immersion and stainless steel.  Aeronautical and automotive design and furniture, cutlery, cutlery and household goods.

The awareness of what the market sector becomes necessary to maintain a high profile on the side of quality of materials has led the company to build a strong network of business relationships, making it possible to supply steel from the best domestic and foreign steel mills such as: Acerinox, Aperam, TKAST, Outokumpu, Posco, Jusco and other.